London - Sports Belt with Extra Waistband - Sky blue - S


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Fast and easy to put it on and take it off. Perfectly suits your body shape thanks to its strong velcro fastening. Enhances fat burn and brings relief to your waist during workout.



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We pack our products in silk bags and silk ribbons with a logo on them, then put them in a gift box. Therefore, it is also a perfect choice as a gift.
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Belts with 4 with elastic plastic stiffeners on the back for ideal posture and to relieve the waist during sports or even in casual wear.

With extra strong velcro for personalization, making it easier to pick up and take off.

Excellent neoprene material aids in shaping, heat generation, removal of cellulite and toxins.

Using the extra waist constrictor makes for an even more spectacular change and provides even better support for the wearer.

NEW DESIGN : Our sports corset has LegalBeauty on the back and extra rubber on the inside of the braces for a stronger fit. For even more comfortable wear, the height of the smaller belts (S and M) has been reduced by 3 cm at the front, making the exercises even more comfortable.

The product is packaged in a gift box with 1 free Legal Beauty measuring tape and a silk bag.

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Size chart
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