Waist Trainer Usage Post-Pregnancy

January 24 2 min read

You might face several new challenges following your childbirth - your body has changed, you lack the free time to work out, since most of your time is consumed by taking care of your newborn baby.

The collection of Legal Beauty could be helpful right after childbirth to earn back your pre-pregnancy figure and your lost confidence.

To understand what our products can do for you, have a look at what exactly is that you are going through now:

The Time of Recovery

In the first 6 weeks postpartum it is strictly forbidden to work out, you can ask your own doctor if you’re doubting. The reason is, postpartum recovery is a quite long process, its most significant steps are during the first 6 weeks. It is crucial to let your body heal in this period of time. If you would start exercising this early in your recovery, you would considerably slow down the healing progress and could even end up causing major physical injuries to yourself.

Of course, this does not mean that you cannot get out of bed: during the first 6 weeks, opt for going on smooth walks outdoors, or try out different kinds of breathing exercises and techniques. Do not forget to listen to your own body, it will warn you every time if something is becoming too challenging and burdensome.

Just like every pregnancy, every recovery journey is unique, and there are some cases, in which the healing process lasts longer than usual. Such cases are: enduring a Caesarean section or a pregnancy with twins or triplets.

Besides working out, dieting is the second thing that is on the forbidden list following childbirth - especially if you breastfeed your baby. A diet low in calories is to be avoided, since breastfeeding itself burns a lot of calories, and you have to note: you must eat enough to provide your newborn with enough nutrients in your breast milk.

The Problem of Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Muscle Separation)

Abdominal muscles run vertically, they are held together by a fibrous connective tissue called line abla, surrounding the belly button. During pregnancy, due to the effect of a hormone called relaxin, muscles become thinner to create a larger space for the growing foetus. This is a natural phenomenon whilst being pregnant, and it recovers completely after childbirth in normal cases.

Although, if you start exercising in this time period, or you place too much physical burden on your healing body, then your muscles will not be able to recover and the separated ab muscles will last, which besides the aesthetical problems, can cause you many more unhealthy symptoms and adverse reactions. For example, back- and lower back pain, weakened pelvic floor muscles, urine or stool leakage and a frequent need to urinate, the descent of lesser pelvic organs, or the formation of hernia.

How Can Legal Beauty Help?

Legal Beauty waist trainers are made with super secure boning, they provide a strong support to the abdominal wall, and will not allow the ab muscles to separate even further. In addition, whilst wearing our shapewear, ab muscles are being put to work, so that they can heal and recover more rapidly.

They can be the solution for the back- and lower back pain in connection with Diastasis Recti, they also assist in achieving a correct posture and bring relief to the lower back.

After childbirth, not only the muscles weaken, but moreover the skin tissue may stretch drastically, as it has adapted to the enlarged abdominal circumference whilst being pregnant. Legal Beauty products can help solve that issue too, since the above mentioned boning supports the abdominal wall, so that the skin tissue is able to return to its original condition.

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