Miami zipper sports sauna belt + Hong Kong arm trimmer

Miami zipper sports sauna belt + Hong Kong arm trimmer

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Miami - Night Black - S
Miami - Night Black - S
Hong Kong Arm Sweat Belt - Jet Black - OneSize
Hong Kong Arm Sweat Belt - Jet Black - OneSize



The package contains:

  • 1 pc Miami zipper sports sauna belt in the selected size and color
  • 1 Hong Kong arm trimmer
  • 1 Legal Beauty measuring tape

Our newest Miami product was designed by combining the best features of your favorites in one product.

  • The basis of the new product created in this way is a thick neoprene material, but its lining is made of special sweat-absorbing "shark skin" rubber.
  • With a strong steel zipper for quick on and off.
  • Extra narrowing strap is the strongest so far, consisting of 3 double belts instead of 2.
  • It is longer than our sports belts, while the sides are slightly curved so that it is not disturbing during squatting.
  • With steel braces instead of plastic braces, for an even stronger hold.
  • You can narrow the extra large rubber logo up to 15 cm, so it will definitely be effective in the long term.

If you want a belt,

  • that also lasts, but makes you sweat the most,
  • that is easy to put on and take off,
  • that accentuates your waistline extra,

then you will definitely love this product.

Our Hong Kong arm trimmer was created to ensure the most effective sweating on the arms. Thanks to its intense sweating effect, fats and toxins can leave the body faster and the skin will be tighter. The compression effect on the arms increases blood circulation and improves the muscles. For an even more effective effect, it can be used together with fat burning/firming creams.

The material is thick, non-slippery, but comfortable. It helps you to keep your phone with you throughout the workout, thanks to its phone holder pocket. The package contains 2 trimmer belts.


  • The outside neoprene, the inner material contains extra thick "shark skin" rubber lining. In this way, you can achieve the most effective sweating effect and it helps the material to adhere and not slip during intense movement.
  • Its size is universal and can be used up to XS - 3XL.
  • With 3 strong velcro fasteners, with which you can adjust it tightly to yourself everywhere.
  • Both arms are provided with phone pockets (with logos) so you can carry your phone with you during training.


  • Machine washable, but only in a laundry bag and hand wash program. The velcro can only be used after the product has completely dried, so that it cannot damage the softened material.
  • It is important that it cannot be dried in a tumble dryer.

A gift with a measuring tape so you can always check the effect.

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