Sport package #1

Sport package #1

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Alaska - Jet black - M
Alaska - Jet black - M
Women's sports gloves - Jet black - S
Women's sports gloves - Jet black - S

Sport package #1 contains:

  • 1 pc Legal Beauty sports glove in the selected size and color
  • 1 pc Legal Beauty sauna belt in the selected size and color
  • 1 pc Legal Beauty measuring tape
  • 1 pc Legal Beauty silk bag
  • 1 pc exclusive gift box

Due to the one size nature of the sauna belt, you can completely customize the shape of your figure. The neoprene material largely contributes to the production of heat and increasing the chance of losing weight, and helps sweating and removing the toxins from your body as well.

The high-quality neoprene sports gloves will be your long-term companion during tough workouts. The extra wristband ensures stable and strong grip, protecting and placing the weight off the wrist. Due to its elastic material, it is comfortable to wear, since it takes on the shape of your wrist. The palm is covered with silicone application, so that you’ll have a non-slipping surface at all times.

The aesthetic looking silk bag lets you carry it wherever you go, while the measuring tape allows you to easily check the results.

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