Sport package #4

Sport package #4

€119.90 DHL Global Express Shipping

Sport package #4 contains:

  • 3 pcs Legal Beauty sports belt in the selected sizes and colors
  • 3 pcs Legal Beauty measuring tape
  • 3 pcs Legal Beauty silk bag
  • 3 pcs exclusive gift box

This sports belt with the 4-piece plastic reinforcements on its back helps you to achieve the ideal posture, while freeing the weight from your waist while working out. You can customize it with an extra strong zipper; also, you can get a more stunning result using the additional waist slimmer. Its quality neoprene material helps you shape your figure, while your body produces more heat and removes toxins.

Let your workouts be colorful!

This package allows you to assemble the products of your favorite colors, so you can add a colorful spin to your outfit on every workout session.

Be proactive!

Order it even in different sizes to become more motivated in achieving your dream body-shape.

From now on, you can choose a limited edition red gift box to your vests, corsets and waist trainers. Click the „Gift Wrapping” button, and decide on which gift box you prefer. Make sure to note us on your preference during your purchase process.

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